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Noah (Youth Pastor)“I used your post from today about studying Scripture to help explain studying the Word to a student!  Thank you for that!”

Gill (Army Chaplain): “Unbeknownst to him, Nick has challenged me over the years in my relationship with the Lord.  His musings are both thoughtful and thought provoking.  I very rarely read without coming away convicted.  I hope it is a blessing to you as it is for me.”

Katherine (Mom, Teacher, & Community Missionary): “Thank you for your blog and how you still have a form of ministry here at home, as well as around the world. It is so powerful, so good, so God. Thank you for the blessing you are.”

Peyton (Business Analyst): “Man, I’m really enjoying getting discipled through your blog! Sometimes the words in your posts pierce my heart and reach a deep down conviction. Sometimes the words are exactly the right encouragement to prod me to on growth or make me a better disciple. Thank you for writing and allowing the Holy Spirit to speak through you.”

Jen (Youth Organization Administrator): “This site is so practical, and something all of us can do. Thank you for sharing this!”

Jonathan (Small Business Owner), in response to several posts on Scripture-memory: “I’ve memorized three verses in the last 48 hours. That’s more than the last ten years. Thanks!”

Ruben (Photographer): “I am really enjoying your blog.  I don’t even read blogs, but I am reading yours, and with each new post, I can’t wait for the next one to come out!”

JLM (Anonymous): “God led me to your blog today.  I have been having some trouble regarding indecision about continuing in ministry.  Thank you.”

Jerry (Pastor): “I was talking to someone recently who told me that they had been struggling with guilt because they keep falling into the same sins they’ve been trying to quit for years. They said the guilt makes them fall even harder. I shared with them the link to your “How to Fallposts. The other day, I talked to him again, and he told me it was just what he needed to read. He said he printed it out and keeps it in his Bible now.”

ltp004Katelyn (Accountant, expecting her first child!): “Your blog is a blessing – I love it! Thank you for sharing these entries and resources! I’ve specifically looked at the family & parenting entries: what an encouragement it has been to me as we anticipate the amazing journey of parenthood!”

Caleb (Youth Minister): “Great stuff, and so encouraging!”

Matthew (Web & App Developer): “I’ve enjoyed your blog and I thank you for being persistent in sharing your faith. I consider you a mentor to my growth as both a husband and a follower of Christ. My accountability partner just confessed so much of this recently and I look forward to sharing your testimony with him as encouragement. Thank you for being candid and arduous in your blog! It’s helping your family and friends and people that don’t know you at all.”

Carey (Teacher), commenting on the The void will be filled …by something post: “Nick, this is exactly what I needed to read just now. Thank you for posting!”

Gwen (Physical Therapist): “You are a brave and noble man. We all stumble, but your humility in defeat and praise in success is admirable. Thank you for sharing. Your blog is excellent reading!”

Brian (Radio Station Manager): “I appreciate what you’ve been writing in your blog.  I’m glad to hear someone express ‘everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial’ in a particular context and not just vaguely throwing it out there, leaving the reader/listener to secretly decide ‘is he talking to me?’ ”

Suzanne Jones (Christian Fitness Instructor): “Today’s word by Nick Cash has encouraged and fueled my heart!!!!!  Jesus’ compassion is what fueled His power…  I so desire for my studio to be a place that sits with (and moves with) people, listens, asks questions, and has compassion for all.  A place that relies on the full assurance of His Presence and power… living in the Light to be a light.”

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