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The Practical Faith Podcast provides five minutes of fuel for following Jesus in your everyday life! With short, bite-sized episodes, Practical Faith offers helpful tools, free resources, and encouragement to assist listeners from all walks of life to actively follow the example, teachings, and practices of Jesus in their own everyday lives.

Following Jesus & Becoming Like Him (Part 1) Practical Faith

Thomas à Kempis, in his book The Imitation of Christ, said, “Choose one thing to learn from Christ each year, and soon you will be like Him.”  So, what is the next step for you?  What’s your next 'one thing’ that God is calling you to focus on this year to become more like Christ?  If you do this, then in a few years you will “soon be like Him”!
  1. Following Jesus & Becoming Like Him (Part 1)
  2. Is It Okay to Bribe My Kids?
  3. The Living Presence of Christ in Us
  4. Serve God Faithfully, Right Where You Are
  5. Trust the Wounds of the Great Physician

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