Like Trees Planted

Grow Deep in Christ


The Practical Faith Podcast provides five minutes of fuel for following Jesus in your everyday life! With short, bite-sized episodes, Practical Faith offers helpful tools, free resources, and encouragement to assist listeners from all walks of life to actively follow the example, teachings, and practices of Jesus in their own everyday lives.

Send Your Roots Down Deep Practical Faith

Trusting God completely means having faith that He knows what’s best for your life.  Why doesn’t the tree in Jeremiah 17 worry in times of drought, while the bush can’t even SEE the blessings when they come?  Because the tree has sent its roots down deep, to where a more eternal source of nourishment is located…
  1. Send Your Roots Down Deep
  2. Trust & Obey God
  3. Trusting God through Trials
  4. Faith in Foul Circumstances
  5. “…Like Trees Planted…”

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