Like Trees Planted

Grow Deep in Christ


Keith CowartRev. Dr. Keith Cowart – Bishop, Free Methodist Church-USA

“Nick Cash lives the gospel as much as any man I know, particularly when it comes to responding to Jesus’ command to make disciples of all nations (Matt. 28:18-20). Too often this passage is taken seriously only at the corporate level where it becomes the basis of a church program or organizational mission statement. Nick rightly understands that Jesus spoke these words to eleven men and fully expected each of them to respond personally to the challenge. It is in that spirit that Like Trees Planted is devoted to encouraging and equipping today’s follower of Jesus to embrace a lifestyle of discipleship. The material here is rich and practical because it grows out of the fertile ground of the life of a man who has lived it well.”

Patrik Bergström 2Patrik Bergström – Global Director of Chaplaincy (retired) for Mercy Ships

“On, Nick Cash is not shying away from complicated passages and difficult topics. Instead, he digs deep and offers the reader truths based on solid research and his personal walk with Jesus. Whether he is writing about life experiences or theological cornerstones, you never feel preached at, but rather invited to join Nick on the journey.”

Dr Rebecca LumanDr. Rebecca Luman – Professor of Discipleship and Director of Distance Learning, Wesley Biblical Seminary – Jackson, MS

“Nick has a passion for a deep grace-filled relationship with God that encompasses all of the depths and heights and the daily slog of our lives, and it shows in his writing over the many categories of Like Trees Planted. I have been his seminary teacher and through these articles, rich in Biblical truth and shaded with insight from many spiritual leaders – he has taught me. I pray that these journals of his life with Christ will find a wide audience – so worthwhile and well-written.”

Lee-McBrideLee McBride – Christian Comedian, Storyteller, Evangelist, & Preacher – Birmingham, AL

“They call him Cash ’cause he is money in the bank! This site is just another outlet of Nick’s passion and talent. I wrote a note to him on a 3×5 card at a Teen Advisors Retreat 17 years ago that I hope my son grows up to be like him. That is still true, and even today, I hope that I can grow spiritually like Nick has. Nick’s words are practical and powerful, and he agonizes over being anointed and accurate. Make Like Trees Planted a part of your discipleship regiment.”

Will FairclothWill Faircloth  Professor of Biblical Studies and Pastoral Leadership at The Evangelical Methodist Seminary of Costa Rica

Like Trees Planted wears its heart on its sleeve.  It wants to take seriously the Christian life, in all its ups and downs, and provide practical reflections and solutions.  It’s a collection of tools in service of the Church, seeking to honor and follow the Lord.  It is refreshingly unpretentious, and it casts a wide net over many topics, some neglected or unpopular.  Above all it seeks to show Christians that daily discipleship is not some enormous, monolithic task, but rather the sum total of lots of small decisions, thoughts, words, and actions.  And in providing a space to reflect on that daily labor, Like Trees Planted does us all a great service.”

Nathan RouseNathan Rouse  Executive Director, Starving Artist Productions  Charlotte, NC is a beautiful – and necessary – resource, uninterested in anything other than helping tune your ears and bend your hearts to that voice of Jesus who calls you and declares you His Beloved.  Having known Nick the better part of 20 years, I can honestly say there are few men whose words and spirit I would trust more to resource me with the means of discipleship.  His desire is for little more, and nothing less, than each individual’s ongoing formation into Christlikeness – and that is everything.”

Ben PilgreenBen Pilgreen  Lead Pastor at Epic Church  San Francisco, CA

“Part of the mission of my life is to help others learn how to orient their entire lives around Jesus. is a great resource to help us all do this. This resource will be an invaluable part of your week as you engage the thoughts and practices here.”

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