Set aside 20 minutes for yourself one morning or evening this week to do some dreaming alone with God for 2021. Use the instructions below to help guide your time.

God is both omniscient and omnipresent. That means He knows everything and is everywhere, including both geography and chronology (both space and time). The events of 2020 did not catch God off-guard or by surprise. And because God is also omnipotent (all-powerful), He is able to take the schemes of the evil one – and the sin of man – and somehow, He is able to take all our tragedies, sin, pain, and turn it all for good!

We have no idea what circumstances await us in 2021. The reality is that the kingdom of darkness is still scheming against the Kingdom of Light, and the sinfulness of humanity persists. But as disciples of Jesus and upon the authority of God’s Word, we can declare, “This is the YEAR the Lord has made! We will rejoice and be glad in it!”

God has great plans in mind for 2021! And no scheme of Satan, nor sin of man can overcome the grace and the goodness and the purposes of Almighty God. What’s more is this: He knows you, He loves you, and He has a valuable part for YOU to play in His plans for 2021 upon the earth! What will they be? Just imagine: what will they be…

Did you know: you can ask Him? You can ask God! God assures us throughout His Word that “He is not far from each one of us” (Acts 17:21). “You will seek Him and find Him when you seek Him with your whole heart” (Jeremiah 29:13). “Ask, and it shall be given unto you. Seek, and you will find. Knock, and the door will be opened unto you” (Matthew 7:7). “Because of Jesus and His faithfulness to us, we may approach God with freedom and confidence” (Ephesians 3:12).

Let this be a moment of “freedom and confidence,” where you approach the throne of God, the throne of your Father who loves you, who wants to be sought and found by you, who invites, welcomes, and wants your presence and your questions. Set aside 20 minutes for yourself one morning or evening this week to do some dreaming alone with God for 2021:

Step 1 – Put away all distractions (phone, TV, radio, etc.), and find a comfortable place to sit or walk.

Step 2 –Take five, slow, deep breaths – or more if you like. Say “breath prayers” as you slowly breathe. Here are some examples:

  • Inhale: “I love You, Jesus…” Exhale: “You are my strength.”
  • Inhale: “Thank You, God…” Exhale: “for welcoming me.
  • Inhale: “Christ, my Lord…” Exhale: “have mercy on me.”
  • Inhale: “Open my ears…” Exhale: “to hear Your voice.”
  • Inhale: “I am Yours…” Exhale: “and You are mine.”

Step 3 – Slowly read and prayerfully think about the words of John 10:1-5,27.

Step 4 – Now simply ask God: “What do You want me to hear from You today?”

Step 5 – And now – just listen. Whatever thoughts come to mind or feelings to your heart, if they are good, and do not contradict Scripture – then that is most likely the Holy Spirit speaking to you! If you doubt, you can also ask Him to confirm that these thoughts or feelings are from Him, by seeking them in His Word, and by asking a trusted Christian friend or mentor.

Step 6 – Next, ask God this: “Father, what do You have in mind for 2021? What do You want to say to me about this new year to come?”

Step 7 – And again, simply listen for what may come while you sit or walk. You’re not making any demands. You’re not treating God like a genie granting wishes. You’re simply asking Your all-knowing Father who loves and delights in you a question… and waiting for His response. He may speak… He may not. If He does not, you’ve still spent time alone with Your heavenly Father, which is never wasted time. Just keep asking, knocking, seeking – and listening. And simply enjoy being alone with God.

Step 8 – Finally, commit yourself to obey whatever you hear the Lord say by turning it into an “I will” statement:

  • “I will follow You in this new year.”
  • “I will trust You to provide for my family.”
  • “I will obey the directive You have given me.”
  • “I will let go of the thing You showed me I was clinging to.”
  • “I will go to the place You showed me.”
  • “I will begin the work You have called me to.”

I am praying God’s Presence, purposes, power, provision, and peace will abound in your life, home, family, work, and ministry in 2021 and beyond,