Sunday, March 22, 2020

#HOMEchurch Day 6.  So… you cannot gather with others at your church building today for worship. No problem. As an ordained minister in the Church of Jesus Christ, I hearby consecrate your HOME as a temple unto the Lord, your dining table as an altar of worship for you and the members of your household! YOU CAN DO THIS!

HOMEchurch6Here is a simple but powerful liturgy you can use to lead your family in a special time of worship at HOME:

1-Gather everyone at the dining table.

2-Welcome everyone to worship!

3-Pray, inviting God’s Spirit to lead & move through this time together.

4-Sing a simple praise song together, like “God Is So Good” or “Jesus Loves Me”. Or lookup a song on YouTube to play while everyone listens or sings along.

5-Ask if anyone has anything they want to give to God today – any kind of gift they would like to offer Him – any kind of area in their life they would like to submit to Him…

6-Read John 9:1-41 together. Either one person can read it all, or you can take turns reading around the table.

7-Discuss the story around the table using the following questions:

  • What does this story teach us about God?
  • What does it teach us about ourselves?
  • If this story is true, how does that impact our lives?
  • Who is someone we can each tell about this this week?

8-Ask a volunteer around the table to pray, committing your household and yourselves to the Lord this week.

Voila! You just led your HOME in worship! WELL DONE! Now enjoy a day of rest and togetherness with your household :-)

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