Message100 coverImmersion.  That is the very best way to learn any new language or culture.  We can spend years in language classes and studying textbooks, but until we are immersed into the culture itself, we cannot really understand it – we cannot fully experience it.

Tyndale House Publisher’s new THEMESSAGE100: The Story of God in Sequence takes the concept of immersion, and applies it to the whole Bible.  “The Books of the Bible are meant to be experienced as wholes… in an attentive, immersive way.”  Tyndale has taken Eugene Peterson’s masterful paraphrase of the Christian Scriptures, arranged them chronologically, and divided them into 100 readings, creating what they call a “devotional Bible experience”.

Invitation.  This unique version of the Bible is an invitation into the living, breathing story of God.  It is much more than a plan for reading the Bible; it beckons readers to step into the very life of God that is revealed to us in the pages of Scripture.  Each of the 100 readings is introduced by a reflective thought from Eugene Peterson, translator of The Message Bible paraphrase.  This method of organizing the Christian Scriptures can replace the lifeless legalism of a Bible-reading check-box.  It can resurrect a dead spirituality with its immersive, experiential nature.

THEMESSAGE100 is designed to help you get lost in Scripture, with 100 readings drawing you right into the unfolding story of God revealing Himself to the people He dearly loves.”  That includes you and me.  The Bible is the magnificent record of God revealing Himself to humanity – to us! – to His beloved, redeemed, and adopted sons and daughters.  The creators of THEMESSAGE100 have taken this remarkable true story, and presented it in such a way that invites readers into a real experience of the living and active God.

Message100 titleTHEMESSAGE100 removes the textbook feel that can sometimes get placed upon the beautiful and miraculous Word of God.  From the beginning, readers are invited to “go at your own pace and enjoy the journey.”  With the pressure of a spiritual to-do list gone, and the removal of the sterile institutionalization that can get imposed upon the Bible, we can simply immerse ourselves into the story of God, experience Him in His Word, and savor the message that comes from God’s heart to ours.

THEMESSAGE100 is not to be read in a stiff chair at a stuffy work-desk, with furrowed brow and a scrutinizing heart.  Take this book outside, and read it in the grass.  Or on a park bench.  Or beside a stream.  Curl up on your favorite couch, or stretch out comfortably in your bed – and ENJOY.  Drink in the pleasure of a God who would go to such great lengths to have you share in His glory, His life, His love.

God has revealed Himself to us – what a miracle!  May we never take that fact for granted.  He preserved the written records of that revelation for us through many centuries of persecution, saw it through numerous linguistic translations, and presents it to us in our very own language.  Masterfully paraphrased in the modern tongue by Eugene Peterson, and now organized and presented by Tyndale as an invitation to immerse oneself in a genuine experience of God…  THEMESSAGE100 may become the favorite book on your coffee table or night stand!

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