eye close-upFather, give me the eyes of Christ.  May I see things as He sees them.  Give me His vision.  May I see people and situations through His eyes.  Let my eyes be full of purity and be a lamp unto my body and soul.  Let me see women as Jesus sees them.  Let me see children as He sees Him.  Let me see my enemies as He sees them.  Let me see prisoners and vagrants through His eyes.  Let me see the mentally disabled and the emotional unstable and the socially awkward through the eyes of Jesus.  Let me see temptations as He sees them.  Let me see both tragedies and successes as Jesus sees them.  As I encounter and see all these images and realities, and as they enter into my consciousness and being through my eyes – may I not see them through the lenses of fallenness and self-centered opportunism – may I see them through the eyes of Jesus, as He would and does see them.

brainFather, give me the mind of Christ.  As I see things and become aware of them through the eyes of Christ You have given me, let me think about them the way Jesus does.  May I have the thoughts of Christ.  Baptize my mind.  Renew my thinking.  Let my thinking be full of life and hope and filled with a vision for Your righteousness and Your Kingdom.  Remove deception and defend me from ungodly thinking.  Let me think about people and situations the way Jesus thinks about them.  Let my mind be saturated with and permeated through with Truth.  Draw my concentrations away from contriving selfish sin, and toward holy-love for God and my neighbor.

heartFather, give me the heart of Christ.  As I see things through Christ’s eyes and think about them with Christ’s thoughts, let me feel about them with Christ’s heart.  Let me share Christ’s compassion for people.  Let me feel towards situations as Christ’s heart feels.  Let my heart break for what breaks His.  Let me rejoice in the things that cause Jesus to rejoice.  Let me want the things Jesus wants.  May I long for the things Jesus longs for.  May I crave the things Jesus craves.  May the intentions of Christ’s heart become the intentions of mine.

hands and mouthFather, give me the hands and mouth of Christ.  As I feel with Christ’s heart about the things I see with Christ’s eyes and think about with Christ’s mind, cause me to respond with Christ’s hands and mouth.  May Christ’s thoughts in my mind fuel Christ’s feelings in my heart, and may these overflow through my hands and mouth with Christ’s actions and words.  May I act in accord with how Christ would act.  May I do the things Christ would do.  May Christ’s words be on my mouth, and may I speak them faithfully and accurately.  Set my hands to do Your work.  Set my mouth to speak Your words.  Where and how You lead me to speak, serve, act, touch, encourage, challenge – may I do so, obediently and faithfully – in the Spirit of Christ.