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IMG_0539Father, thanks for letting me be a Dad.  I love my son so much – he is so amazing!  I am so proud of him – what an honor it is to be his father.  I’m so glad You made him; I know You are, too!  Thank you for him.  Thank you for every second of his life, every heartbeat, every inhale and exhale.

Lord, please help him to know – and I don’t mean just head knowledge, but to really know, deep down – how incredibly special he is to me, how deeply I love him, how impressed I am with him, how valuable he is to me, how proud I am of him.  Help me to show him these things everyday through my words, actions, time with him, treatment of him…

And Lord, may he know – truly know deep down – how very much You love him, how valuable he is in Your sight, what he means to Your heart, how special he is to You, and how proud of him You are.  Help him to recognize these things as You are already showing them to him everyday.

IMG_0573And may this deep down knowledge of our love for him – mine and Yours – the love of his earthly dad and of his heavenly Father – empower him to live the fullest life possible.

  • Full of confidence in his real identity.
  • Full of courage to help and serve others in Your Name.
  • Full of integrity to do what’s right no matter what.
  • Full of peace in the midst of chaos and uncertainty.
  • Full of perseverance through difficulty.
  • Full of fortitude in the face of temptation.

Help me to equip him for life.  Help me to equip him for eternity.  Help me to engage his heart and his spirit throughout his adolescence, teenage years, young adulthood, and beyond.  Please, God, prevent walls from ever coming up between us.  May we always have space to talk and hear each other and trust each other, openly and completely.

God, please give him godly friends throughout his life who will always be drawing him closer to you… who will challenge him to do what’s right.  And help him to be a natural leader among his peers – an example-setter – one who wields his social influence for goodness and justice and Kingdom values.

Help him to honor women all throughout his life, starting with his mom and his sisters. May he always see a superb example of this in me, and may honoring females be normal and natural to him.  Please protect him from objectifying women and using them to gratify self-centered desires.  And if he is to be married someday, please lead him to a Godly, secure, healthy, amazing woman like Dianna.  And may he continually make her more and more beautiful each day with his faithful love until death do them part.

IMG_0089May his life be marked by generosity.  May he give freely and abundantly as he sees need, and as You guide him.  May he hold the possessions and opportunities and resources and influence that You entrust to him loosely.  And may these things never possess him.  No matter what, may he always have everything he needs in You.

May he always welcome those who are different.  May he always treat people with sincere friendliness.  May people walk away from him feeling valued and like they matter.  May they experience You through him.

Let faith in You come easy for him.  May choosing to trust in You be the most normal and natural choice for him.  Help his mom and me to teach and train and demonstrate faithful Christ-centered living for him – to give him an excellent foundation.  But then Lord, please lead him and help him to take up the reigns of his own faith and to fall in love with You for himself… to trust in you completely from his own heart.  Not just relying on his parents’ relationships with You, but desiring and pursuing his own unique relationship with You.

May he grow up knowing You – not just knowing facts about You.  But truly knowing You, personally, and how real and present and active You are in his life!  May he grow up with his own personal stories of experiencing Your faithfulness and provision and nearness and affirmation.  I don’t want him to just have a second-hand, vicarious relationship with You through us.  I want his to be first-hand, real, and unshakable.  And may his first-hand knowledge of Your awesomeness drive him to love You and to live his life for Your glory all the days of his life.

I am so honored to get to share life with him.  It is so exciting and breath-taking to watch him grow up and develop day by day… to see what You are building into him, what You are drawing out of him, what passions and giftings You have uniquely crafted him with…

Big FootAs he grows and develops, as he takes steps of faith with You, Lord, may my ceiling be his floor.  May he grow to be 10 times the man I am – 100 times!  May my weaknesses and blindspots not hinder him.  May he break free of any generational sin habits or tendencies that I or my fore-fathers may have passed onto him.  May he reach new heights of faith and service and giving and wholeness and holiness and joy.  May he break through ceilings in the spiritual realm that have held back his ancestors, including me.

May he speak openly and honestly with You at all times.  May he hear Your response regularly.  May he know Your voice, like a sheep knows his shepherd’s voice.  May he crave Your Word, and may he have the self-discipline to satisfy that craving by seeking You in it daily.

I love my son with all my heart, and I cannot thank You enough for the joy and honor of getting to be his dad.  Thank You, God.  Amen.

Click here for A Father’s Prayer and Blessing for His Daughter