• That new insight you just discovered – it’s not just for you.
  • That temptation you’re struggling with – you weren’t meant to bear it alone.
  • That doubt that’s been nagging at you – you’re not the only one wondering about that.
  • That realization you just made – it’s not just for your benefit alone!

This is one of the most fundamental and critical aspects to growing spiritually:

  • men-talkingas you learn,
  • as  you grow,
  • as you are challenged by something,
  • stretched by something,
  • confused or frustrated by something,
  • when you hit a wall,
  • when you have a breakthrough,
  • when you fail,
  • when you have a victory (no matter how small!)
  • when you doubt,
  • when you think you’re supposed to do something, but you don’t know why,
  • when a prayer is answered,
  • when a prayer seems ignored…

Share it with someone.  Anyone!

Whomever the Lord gives you opportunity to share it with – do it.  You yourself will grow in the process, and so will the person you tell.  If they, in turn, go and tell someone what they just learned or have been wrestling with, both of them will also grow; and if that third person shares their new discovery or challenge with someone else… well, you get the idea!

We were not meant to be dead-ends for the work God is doing in us.  That work should also flow out of us – where appropriate, and where it can benefit another present or future disciple.

courageous-nathan-2Not everyone needs to know your deepest darkest source of temptation – but somebody does.  You can’t fight that mess alone!  (And you shouldn’t try.)  I recommend you share your deepest struggles with three people who love you, will pray for you, and will serve as a source of encouragement and loving confrontation for you.  Bad stuff grows in the dark.  Shine a light on your darkness by telling someone you trust about it.

It’s not appropriate to share every new insight you have with everyone you talk to – you’ll start alienating people who will think all you want to do is brag about “what God is doing in your life”.  But that doesn’t mean you should bottle it all up inside and not tell anyone either.  Let it out!  Ask God for appropriate opportunities to share what you’re learning with a friend, family member, or co-worker.  You may be surprised who He puts in your path, or what conversations you will find yourself in where you feel prompted by the Holy Spirit to share something deeper of your own faith with that person.

courageous-nathan-1It’s not wise to tell everyone your faith doubts and frustrations with God – but don’t keep them from everyone.  Choose at least one mentor – one other disciple who is further along in the lifelong journey with Jesus.  Share with them the doubt or frustration that you just cannot seem to move beyond.  Let God give you counsel through that person.  Again, you may find that He leads you just to the right individual who has shared your same difficulty before.  Their prayers, support, word of encouragement, or own personal story of breakthrough may be just the tool God uses to bring clarity, understanding, or greater faith to your own life!

But you will never experience this until you take the all-important step of telling someone.

In fact, I challenge you to do this right now: before you click away from this page, take 12 seconds to ask God to put one person on your heart with whom He wants you to share one thing from your own spiritual journey.  Now, listen for His response…  Okay, with that person who just flashed into your mind or heart, send them a quick text or email (yes, right now!) asking if you can get together with them to talk soon.

Do it now, while the idea is still fresh!  And then watch what God can do through a simple conversation with a person He brings to your mind.  Afterward, come leave a comment here as to how the conversation went, and how God either used you, or that person, or the experience itself, to deepen some aspect of your faith!