pyrotechnicsMany church attendees want to “get something out of” the worship service.  This narcissism towards worship has always struck me as strange – and alarmed me when I’ve felt that desire myself!

Worship is supposed to be our offering to God, but sadly many churches have turned it into a Christianized form of public entertainment.  Church leaders have, in a way, trained their people to expect a show.

People drive away asking each other questions like,

  • “Did you enjoy church today?” or
  • “Did you like the sermon?” or
  • “How’d you like that new song we sung?”

Me, me, me.  I’m embarrassed to say that I do the same thing!

The questions I should be driving away with are,

  • “Did God enjoy my worship of Him today?”, and
  • “What does God want me to do with the sermon I just heard?”, and
  • “What new song will I sing to God with my life this week?”

We (myself very much included!) need to shift our attention in worship.  Let’s take our eyes off of ourselves for an hour each week, and put them onto God.  We show Him reverence when we stop making worship be about ME, and we make it be all about HIM.