a guest post (2nd of 5) by Lauren Jones Marquez

The nice thing about this topic is that the Lord has given us very practical examples in life to follow. Deepening our intimacy in relationship with God is so similar to deepening our intimacy in relationships with people. If I value my relationship with someone then I generally take time to be with that person. If I take time to be with that person then the intimacy in our relationship generally deepens. If I stop taking time to be with that person then the intimacy in our relationship generally fades.

time jugglerTaking time to be with God in my experience has been one of the most important ways the Lord uses to deepen intimacy in our relationship. In regards to time – the 24 hours in a day – I like to think of it similar to money and ask the question – am I wasting it, spending it, or investing it? Each of these verbs seems to indicate something different. I want to invest most of all my time in that which is eternal. Time with God to deepen intimacy in our relationship is a great investment of time – a resource given to us by God to steward well by His Spirit!

Something else that is of deep importance – not something I do for God, but rather something God does for me: He invites me into a deeper relationship with Him. In that, I am living out the deepest purpose and joy of my existence! – both earthly and eternal, through Jesus Christ.

Here are a couple of my favorite quotations about this. One came from a daily calendar and one came from a campus ministry:

  • “We always have time for the things we put first.” and
  • “If you are too busy to spend time with God, you are too busy!”

The phrase, then, that comes to my mind is this: Have a Plan (Time of Day and Place). This is not revolutionary information. I know I have heard this time and time again. I think the reason it is said so often as a strategy for deepening intimacy in our relationship with God is because it works and it is SO important! It is not legalism, but rather a tool the Lord has chosen to use to communicate to us and minister to us.

Time of Day: Different people have different scheduling rhythms. I really like to take time to be with God in the morning because that is when the Lord seems to change my perspective. I think of the verses that tell us to be ‘transformed by the renewing of our mind.’ In that time with God, I gain His perspective and His Spirit in me is strengthened for the day ahead. The quality of the day I live is improved by having that time with the Lord in the morning. Your rhythm may be different.  You best time for God may be at another time in the day, and that is perfectly normal!  I’m just sharing what works for me.

big comfy chairPlace: I have a place in my house that I generally use to have that time with God. It is a big comfy chair. I like to keep a Bible, journal, and pen there as well. At night before I go to bed, I often place my Bible, journal, and pen on the end table right beside the chair. Then all I have to do in the morning is go to that chair and sit down. What I use most frequently in my time with God is right there and accessible. It also helps me to do this at night as a pre-decision of sorts for the way I will begin the next day.  Again, I have shared the special place I have determined to be my own personal ‘holy ground’ to meet with God each day.  –LLJM

Where is (or could be) your “holy ground” to spend quality time with God?  What time of day do you most prefer to spend with the Lord?  Please, share your ideas below!  We want to hear from you, and be inspired by the ways God has drawn you into His Presence through a particular time of day and a special meeting place…


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