The Spirit gives life to BE first, then to DO.

I think this can be one of the most challenging and difficult aspects of Christian living, especially for a Western, productivity-minded culture like the one we have as Americans.  We are a nation of do-ers.  “What do you do?” is the question that we allow to define us, rather than “Who are you?”

I am not my jobWe respond to introductions with an occupation – we self-identify by what we do: I’m a banker; I’m a pastor; I’m a stay-at-home Mom; I’m an insurance agent; I’m a teacher.  We define ourselves by what we do, not by who we are.

Then we super-impose this philosophy onto our faith.

A self-evaluation of our relationship with God immediately degenerates into a listing of activities, rather than a status of being: I go to church weekly; I read my Bible every day; I tithe monthly; I try to act Christ-like at the office as a witness to my co-workers…  We reduce our faith – and our identity in God – to a set of activities to either be done or not done.

But deep down, we know there must be more to our identity as God’s beloved, adopted children than just a checklist religious doings.  Our doing should flow out of our being.  Jesus redeems our identity – the Spirit renews (“regenerates”) our being!

One of the things regarding life in the Spirit that really has me the most baffled lately is our call to “be holy”.  In both the Old and New Testaments, God instructs us, “Be holy, as I am holy” (Leviticus 20:26 and 1 Peter 1:16).   I know how to do holy things…  the concept of being holy, though, leaves me speechless and answer-less as a very unholy human being…

How do I be  holy?  I think to start to get at an answer, I have to start to look to the Spirit’s work within, to cooperate with Him, to submit to His will, to let Him start to make the choices, to let Him show me what the character of God is like, revealed in the Person of Jesus in the pages of the Bible, and to ask Him to enable me to live like that – to be like Jesus.

being and doingIt’s not that our spiritual activities don’t matter.  I almost titled this post “Being vs. Doing”, but the two are not in competition; they are – and should be – very closely interrelated!  What we do as Christians is quite important.  The point is this, though: what we do is secondary to WHO WE ARE.  Our identity as God’s beloved, redeemed, adopted children – into whom He has poured His own Spirit! – is primary.  Then, our doing can (and should!) flow out of our being.

How would you interpret the Bible’s call on our lives to be holy?  Can you help me understand and help me be able to explain to others – in layman’s terms – the work of the Spirit in helping us be holy (as opposed to just doing holy things)?

2 responses to “The Spirit gives life to BE first, then to DO.

  1. I think confusion enters in when we make our substitution for the word “holy.” We can be quick to substitute “perfect” or “blameless,” and those are things that we know we can’t “be” on our own. But if we substitute “set apart,” which, from what I know, is the Judaic meaning of “holy,” then both “being” and “doing” become conceivable. Be set apart; you weren’t created to conform to the world. Don’t fall in with a crowd whose minds are set on earthly things. The doing, I think, can be approached mentally (take every thought captive), physically (everything is permissable, but not necessarily beneficial), and spiritually (don’t cause a brother to stumble; don’t add to or take away from the Word; restore a brother gently, or you also may be tempted, etc.). You’re right—it’s complicated; it is by no means easy for the one who accepts that he or she is “set apart.” But you and Diana have been amazing models of being “set apart.” Keep doing what you do, and ask the question “what do you think ‘holy’ means?” to get a sense of where you need to start each conversation. God bless you both, and your children, too!

  2. Driscoll is teaching a series based off this idea of identity as well. It is well worth checking out here-
    specifically this message dealing with
    Who God says we are Gen 1
    Who Satan says we are Gen 3
    Then the idols we claim as our identity. He put it in a neat acrostic to teach on “Identity Idols”
    I- Items
    D- Duties
    O- Others
    L- Longings
    S- Sufferings
    I love your Blog bro…I’m pleased you get wifi on you pet lion…that you ride…awkwardly…

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