Today’s post is simply a question with a brief explanation.  In truth, I’m reaching out for advice for myself from other parents.  I welcome your input and humbly request your suggestions!

What’s your plan for praying with your kids?  How and when do you actually do it?  Do you have a measurable frequency in mind, like “each night at bed time” or “each morning before school” or something like that?

I ask for my own personal benefit: “praying aloud for/with my kids” is one of my personal parenting goals, but I’m having difficulty pinpointing exactly how & when I will actually do that with them each day…  I don’t want to just leave it up to good intentions alone; I know myself too well: I just won’t do it…

Not that having a plan will solve all of my spiritual parenting responsibilities  …but having a plan will increase my chances of succeeding greater than having no plan at all!

I’ve intended to pray aloud for and with Eli ever since the day I found out he was growing in Dianna’s womb!  And I have prayed aloud with and for him over the past 7.5 years… sporadically …haphazardly …when I remembered to do so …and when the timing “seemed right”…  …and when I was in a “praying mood” (what does that even mean?!)

The bottom line is that the days of my children’s lives are racing away faster than I ever knew time could go, and I am looking at just over 10 years left with my son under my household care, protection, and covering – and I still have no solid plan for integrating prayer into my family’s daily rhythms and routines!

PLEASE HELP!!!  Haha :-)  If you’re willing to share, I’d just love to hear how and when you pray for and with your kids.

And if you’re not yet a parent, you can still participate, too: how do you plan to pray for/with your kids when that time comes?  Or, if you had parents that prayed for/with you growing up, how & when & with what frequency did they do that?

I eagerly invite your feedback, and I sincerely thank you for your help!