I used to feel bad that I did not have some magnificent testimony of divine rescue…  I did not come to faith in Christ in a prison cell, or at a transformational revival service, or in the pit of despair, or after decades of substance abuse…

For many Christians, there was a single moment – an instant of divine life change – a day of clarity – where the “light switch” of believing & following drastically changed from “off” to “on”.  In the twinkling of an eye, they were transformed!  They were dead, but now alive!  They were lost, but now found!  They were shattered, but now restored!

I came to faith slowly, over the course of years.  I have experienced life change and transformation at the hand of God gradually.  I stepped into belief – and released control of my life to His Lordship – by degrees.

I know many Christians like me.  Our faith is deep.  Our transformation is real.  We are alive, found, restored.  We believe in and follow Jesus!  But, for us, it did not happen overnight.  We cannot pinpoint a single date of conversion.  The truth is, those like me DO have a magnificent testimony of divine rescue.  It’s just not as obvious or as visibly drastic or as rapid as some others.

For me, faith came on gradually, like a dimmer switch.  I’d like to credit my friend, Will Faircloth, for introducing me to this concept, and for affirming that the value of “dimmer-switch conversion” to faith is just as high as that of the drastic instantaneous rescue that many experience when they first encounter Christ.

What was your conversion like?  Were you divinely rescued in an instant, like Paul who saw the blinding light from heaven on his way to Damascus?  Or did your conversion to faith come on slowly, over time, as the Spirit wooed you to Himself by degrees?