Uber-bloggers such as Seth Godin and Michael Hyatt have hundreds of thousands of unique readers every single month.  Several of my favorite authors and speakers fall in Google’s list of “100 Top-Read Blogs”.  My goal in creating this blog is to achieve a readership of three.  Yep, 3.

I have created this blog with my children in mind.  One of the greatest responsibilities I have as a dad is do my best to show my kids what it looks like to faithfully follow the steps of our Savior.  The most important place for this to happen, of course, is in our home – in the daily interactions of our lives together.  Over meals, at bed time, playing together outside, reading a book, correcting a mistake, processing a dilemma together…

But if I could compile into one place a clearinghouse of tips and resources to assist my kids in following Christ successfully as they grow, what would that storehouse look like, and what would I stick in there for their future use?  That’s why this blog exists.

Now – at the time of this posting – my kids are 7, 6, and 2.  And they barely use the internet!  And while I’ll certainly share all of this with them in person, over the course of daily living – both now and as the years go by – I want to archive it all for them to have in the future.

I am thinking of them now as teens, as collegiates, as young adults, as young spouses and parents…  What would I say to them THEN?  What advice do I want to archive now for their benefit then?  If my daughter was 15 and seeking help, what would I offer to her?  If my son was 25 and asking me this question, how would I respond?  That’s what is on my heart and mind as I post on LikeTreesPlanted.

In the meantime, I don’t want to hoard this archive of discipleship advice for just my kids.  As it grows, I’d love for it to benefit the larger Body of Christ as well!  Obviously, I’d love a larger audience for this blog – the more people there are practicing these suggestions, the better!  But that’s all in the Lord’s hands – which is my favorite place for such things.

Now, if I could just achieve that readership of three…

Imagine yourself at 15 or 25.  What questions were burning on your heart about following God at those ages?