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The Practical Faith Podcast provides five minutes of fuel for following Jesus in your everyday life! With short, bite-sized episodes, Practical Faith offers helpful tools, free resources, and encouragement to assist listeners from all walks of life to actively follow the example, teachings, and practices of Jesus in their own everyday lives.

How Do You Pray With & For Your Kids? Practical Faith

What’s your plan for praying with your kids?  How and when do you actually do it?  Moms and Dads want to pray with their kids, but can struggle to pinpoint exactly how & when to do it each day…  I struggled myself as a younger parent – I would do it several times a month, but it was just scattered & sporadic – I didn’t have a real solid plan like I would’ve liked, and I heard similar sentiments from other parents…
  1. How Do You Pray With & For Your Kids?
  2. What’s Your Next Step?
  3. Taking Aim at Spiritual Growth
  4. Setting Spiritual Growth Targets
  5. Send Your Roots Down Deep

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