Worship-At-Home: EASTER Edition!

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Happy Easter!  Jesus, the Son of God, is risen from the grave – He is risen indeed!  Today, I hope you will tune in to an Easter Service from your local church.  If you don’t have a church to join, I invite you to join ours by visiting ccclive.org or @ChristCommunityChurchGA on Facebook.

After you join with other believers online to worship our risen Savior, you can also lead your own household in a short but special celebration of our Living God!  Here’s how:

#HOMEchurch Day27 – EASTER SUNDAY!

furniture fortEMPTY TOMB – use some bedsheets, pillows, and furniture to build your own empty tomb!  You could even roll up some sheets or towels to place inside, just like how Jesus’ burial wrappings remained in the tomb after His resurrection (John 20:3-7).

SCRIPTURE READING – As a family/household, read aloud John 20:1-31.  You could have one volunteer read the entire passage, or you could all take turns reading a few verses at a time.

PRAY/PRAISE! – Praise Jesus as the Victorious One!  He was victorious over sin, death, hell, and the grave!  Invite Him to come have the victory in your home and family – and in any of the battles your household may be facing…

pillow fort empty tombVIDEO-SELFIE! – Sit or stand at the opening of your homemade “empty tomb” and record a video of your household proclaiming “He is risen!  He is risen indeed!” together.  You can say it all together, or one-by-one – then post your video to social media as a testimony to all of your followers online!

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