packet cover pageTo accompany the FREE Family Devotions Guide Book, I have created a packet of 36 Prayers, Creeds, & Scriptures to print and keep near your family dinner table for easy access.

In the second section of the Family Devotions Guide Book (pages 4-15), I explain that after singing a short hymn or song of worship, we start every family devotion by reciting one foundational Prayer or Creed from Christian history or one foundational passage of Scripture together.  We have specifically chosen 36 Prayers, Creeds, and Scripture passages that we want to memorize as a solid basis for our faith in God and as a ready confidence-builder for our followership of Jesus.

Over time, through regular repetition, it is our desire that these Prayers, Creeds, and Scriptures would be written in our minds and on our hearts.  They are as instructional as they are worshipful.  Together, they can help form a foundation for a Biblically-strong faith in Jesus that is spiritually rich, deep, and alive.

banner image JPGSince we do not yet have all of these memorized, we have printed out these Prayers, Creeds, and Scripture passages in a large-text format and put them into a binder that we keep near our dinner table.  In our family, the devotion leader for the day gets to choose which Prayer, Creed, or Scripture we will recite together.  They flip open the binder to that page and hold it up so that everyone can see the words and follow along.  Then, that person gets to choose how we will recite it together: all together in unison, or one person at a time by paragraph, or one line at a time per person – and occasionally, one word per person at a time! (that last method takes practice, but can make it really fun!)

Click HERE to download a PDF file containing these 36 Prayers, Creeds, and Scripture passages.  They are formatted in large-print to aid in visibility around the dinner table.  Each passage fits onto its own page for ease of printing and collating into a packet, folder, or binder for your own family’s use.  Each passage is also numbered to correspond with the passages listed in pages 4-15 of the Family Devotions Guide Book.  ENJOY!