FREE Family Devotions E-book!

Click HERE to download your FREE electronic copy of the Family Devotions Guide Book!

booklet imageMerry Christmas, 2015! It is our joy to present this little e-booklet to you, free of charge, as a way to integrate spiritual nourishment into your regular mealtime routine.

We say “a” way, because this is just one of many ways to bring a devotional rhythm to your lives. Maybe you are already doing something together with God as a family on a regular basis, and that is awesome! Just take from this guide anything you feel might make what you are already doing stronger or better. Or if you are not yet having any kind of family devotional time in your home, we invite you to let this booklet help give you a start.

We suggest “mealtime” because the dinner table is the altar of the home. After the Temple was destroyed, the people of God had no place to gather for worship and spiritual growth. The home replaced the Temple as the primary place of discipleship and worship, and the dining table became the primary location for those activities within the home.

Today, some of the best moments we share with our loved ones are spent around the meal table. This special daily time of physical and social nourishment together is the perfect place to integrate spiritual nourishment as well – through prayer, reading and discussing God’s Word together, and propelling each other forward as fellow followers of Jesus!

Click HERE to download your FREE electronic copy of the Family Devotions Guide Book!

Merry Christmas, from our family to yours!

5 responses to “FREE Family Devotions E-book!

  1. Reply, part two-

    The boys and I use an app called New City catechism that we work on at breakfast most mornings. It is set up really well- there are shorter answers designed for kids, longer for parents (I often morph them into what I feel is best for our kids) and it is designed to allow you to quiz yourself in a flash card sort of style. It also has many extras to go along with each question and answer. Just thought I would pass it along in case anyone ever asks you for an app recommendation.

    Funny thing is, I prefer actual books, but the app was free.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. It’s very encouraging and a great help for growing a healthy family. God bless you Nick and your family.. Merry Christmas.

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